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Regular Instance Runs (& Books)

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Regular Instance Runs (& Books) Empty Regular Instance Runs (& Books)

Post  Elrix Tue Dec 16, 2008 8:36 am

Ok Guys as more of us approach the 60 mark I feel that it is time we at 60 start looking at those in the Kin not yet 60, and put an effort in helping them. Although I have Elrix as I main I recognize that there's 3 other tanks equally as good or better than Elrix. Hence I rolled Justien as crowd control and Copperwen is my DPS queen, and all around "John Deere" feeding my crafting.

Once I hit SM-metalsmith on Elrix, I'll switch focus onto Justien as we don't seem to have an active LM.

58 is an awesome level, especially since the quests/deeds from the stairs instance throws you almost to 59.

Now, the question becomes who's interested in the upper level instances, and who's your main?

Those keeners in our group, I would like to see you guys post some additional threads about what gear we need etc. to progress through the Higher level instances.

Book Status:
Elrix Book 4.7
Justien 2.3
Copperwen 3.3 (still needs chapter 15 for the heck of it)
Venwyn - Parked.

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Regular Instance Runs (& Books) Empty Re: Regular Instance Runs (& Books)

Post  Carysta Tue Dec 16, 2008 9:09 am

I think, as far as gear goes, the first step will be getting as many people as possible through the end of the epic books (6.8, so far) because there is some decent stuff as quest rewards. Once that's done, we can start looking at the new instances (Skumfil, Grand Stairs, Fil Gashan, 16th Hall, The Forges, etc...). I'd recommend becoming familiar with them on easy-mode and THEN moving along to hard mode for the Radiance gear, simply because the more comfortable we are with the instances, the 'easier' hard mode will become. Plus there's some decent item advancement xp loot either way.

Carysta will remain my main, I'll start working on Carywyn so that we have a spare captain. Bella and Feo have the captaining down pat so far Smile Carysta is done the epic line, but she will happily help out. I think we need to organize a master list of who is where so we can maybe perhaps get folks either caught up, or grouped up with similar epic questies. I know some of you also need 15.12 for the uber horsie, we'll have to try a run for that as well.

So, my standings:

Carysta - Done
Carywyn - Vol 2 bk 2 (somewhere, have to log in to check chapter, will edit when I do... LOL).

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Regular Instance Runs (& Books) Empty Re: Regular Instance Runs (& Books)

Post  Mellonwe Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:52 pm

If you need an active Loremaster, I do of course have Melruina who is at 53 and is just entering Moria. I love playing her, and frankly I'm a little scared trying to solo a Loremaster in Moria as it is quite different of a style than pre-expansion. I'm all up for doing things on easy mode first. I remember doing the grand stair with a few others in here one time and we felt it out as we went through. I'd hate to try to do that warg battle again on hard, it was nasty enough on easy honestly.

(main)Mellonwe - almost V2B5, level 59, needs V1 bk 14.12 before getting into 15 at all
(almost a true second main)Melruina - V2B2, level 53

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Regular Instance Runs (& Books) Empty Re: Regular Instance Runs (& Books)

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